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Home to the O'Hara family



The O'Hara's were Chiefs of Luighne, an extensive territory in the County of Sligo, and maintained an independent position down to the time of Oliver Cromwell. The family have always had a residence on the present site, as well as castles at Castlelough, Memlough and other parts of Leyne prior to the modern Annaghmore house being built in the 1790s. The house was dramatically added to in the 1830s and again in the 1870s by architect James Franklin Fuller, to form the unusually restrained classical house it is today.   We are one of the very few original old Gaelic families to still live in the family seat.   Over generations The O'Hara's have made a profound contribution to Irish history both at home and abroad; holding important roles in politics, the military, religious, cultural and sporting arenas.  Annaghmore is a living testimony to the family's achievements and steadfast commitment and love for the people of Sligo, well documented through manuscripts, paintings, personal diaries, maps and photographs still very much visible within the house today.


Durcan and Nicola O'Hara live at Annaghmore with their beautifully behaved dogs and long suffering cat, Bronte.  Durcan is the great grand-nephew of Charles Kane O'Hara (1860 - 1947), and inherited the house from his father, Dermot O'Hara in 2003.  We are extremely proud of the family heritage and keen to preserve it's legacy for future generations.  Today, Annaghmore is a working farm with sheep, forestry and conservation areas. 

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